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Climate change mitigation and getting off oil. Latest installment!

Thursday was a good day. we were invited by the Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee in Welsh government to show our plans, discussions and projects and so on Wednesday we had an NT and partners day. The weather … Continue reading

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Community energy flying or should I say digging in

It’s been a mad few months on community energy in this part of Wales. I am one of the founding directors of the first end to end community energy supply companies in UK and the smart meters are being installed … Continue reading

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How to raise £750k from your local community in weeks… trust, enthusiasm, inclusion and a really good video!

Arloisi Gwynedd the Gwynedd EU Leader team are currently looking into how the Bethesda and Llanberis crowdfunding campaigns which they supported were so successful in raising a lot of money (£750k)  from small, rural and financially poor communities in a … Continue reading

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Local cheaper energy from local sources. The Bethesda trial is starting this week. National Trust playing its part in a stunning partnership!

As has been highlighted quite a few times we are all looking for the perfect mix to derive more income and deliver cheaper local energy to local communities but more importantly to tackle fuel poverty and enable the energy user … Continue reading

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We’ve done it! Almost £700,000 raised in 6 weeks

Its been an enthralling couple of months in the valleys of Llanberis and Bethesda. The National Trust assisted community hydro projects working with stunning community teams have now raised all of the development funding needed and locally. Almost £700,000 was … Continue reading

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Tax breaks gone, FIT’s on the Floor, Subsidy for Gas and Nuclear. What future for community energy?

Despite everything it looks like no mater how much adversity is thrown at community energy the thing wont die! In my area it’s actually growing. Came home last night to the fantastic news that two of the latest community energy projects … Continue reading

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Community hydros have launched… WOW!

Its been a whirlwind of a 5 days. Firstly we have almost reached a £100k of shares sold for the community hydros. (…and in only 5 days!) This is for two community hydros. A few of us in the National … Continue reading

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