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Keeping Tranmer Toasty with Biomass

In the East of England, we’re progressing well with the introduction of more renewable systems and getting off oil and other fossil fuels. Our renewables Project Manager, Dee Nunn, tells us about the new biomass boiler at Sutton Hoo… This … Continue reading

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Got in with two days to spare! Monumental effort by the Ynni Padarn Peris community hydro. Homework

We we made it. As well as living and breathing renewable energy in my work time it also seems to take up the bit between work and sleeping as well. This is the case with all who volunteer for community … Continue reading

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The true cost of renewable energy for us ‘hard-working’ people. Renewables in context

My life seems to be embroiled in the tumultuous changes in support mechanism on renewables at the moment. Change is good but you always need to know why and if this change is based on reducing our bills and saving money for … Continue reading

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I think we are going to need a bigger cabinet. (To paraphrase Richard Dreyphuss) – coming through thick and fast

“Thick and fast” is not a reference to a new kind of cream maker but the sheer volume of awards the National Trust Renewable Energy Program people, projects and whole program are shortlisted for. It’s an honour. Lots of crossed … Continue reading

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