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New renewable energy technology under our feet and falling from the air. Using a very old concept

I was asked by the BBC to review a new concept in renewable energy generation. That of something called Triboelectric Nanogenerator or ‘Teng’ for short. I am often offered new tech’ which will make us all super rich or make … Continue reading

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…and which log stove did i choose?

Firstly thanks to all those who suggested makes and types from my previous blog . In the end I went for a Morso Owl. There are several reasons why. The main one being the shape of my square, deep inglenook … Continue reading

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That’s a pretty power-house! Re visit to the hydro projects in the Lake District. Quality!

Give credit where credit’s due. The National Trust in Wales are known as ground breakers within the NT for doing environmental work especially renewable energy but the Lake District… and it pains me to say this, do build really tidy … Continue reading

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Climate change, COP23; our heritage. Not a big consideration in the conference but could be part of the answer

I have had a few weeks since coming back from COP23 in Bonn and thinking about the whole conference but also why I was there. I was there to represent the International National Trust Organisation (INTO) and the National Trust … Continue reading

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Day 6 #COP23 from Bonn. Au maru

Au maru is ‘I’m happy’ in Fijian (not sure if you remember but Fiji holds the seat this time for the climate change talks… hence all the Fijian language over the last few days!) Tomorrow International National Trust Organisation and ICOMOS … Continue reading

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Day 4 COP23 Bonn. Bula Vinaka

Bula Vinaka is a warm welcome in Fijian which was the greeting we got this morning in the first event . Warm welcome but big subject. Loss and damage leading to climate justice. The pacific islands as they say have almost … Continue reading

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Day 1 COP23 Bonn. ‘Talanoa’

Here again at a COP. By the way Talanoa is a site within COP but also a Fijian word for a safe place to sit down and have a chat to ‘have it out’ which I really  like. I’m here as … Continue reading

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