New renewable energy technology under our feet and falling from the air. Using a very old concept

Image copied from The Times article on the application of Teng on PV

I was asked by the BBC to review a new concept in renewable energy generation. That of something called Triboelectric Nanogenerator or ‘Teng’ for short. I am often offered new tech’ which will make us all super rich or make so much energy we won’t know what to do with it and in the end its re packaged stuff or snake oil. But from my side Teng looks like a new approach using a well-known phenomenon (tribo is from the greek word for friction) . that of static electricity generated through pressure/ fiction. The initial article in The Times newspaper I read reviews the technology and quotes a Prof Zen Wen who is looking at a multi use approach for this generation from clothing to mobile phone charging. One such idea is to coat the thousands of hectares of PV we have in the UK with the transparent teng films to produce electricity from rainfall. The pressure from the rain makes an electron travel from one material to the other thus creating a circuit. From initial work the research group now claim to have created over 100,000 time more electricity per unit than the first trials and up to 300w per m2 which if true is more electricity than commercial PV. This approach seems to have been made for the part of Wales I live in with its rain and shine! whilst I’m at it with future tech why not then coat the underside of the PV panel with a thermoelectric metal (the those fans on stoves) to again generate electricity when the sun is hot. I will now stop as I’m getting ahead of myself. durability will be key as well as efficiency.

I hope this tech continues to develop as I can so much use for pressure generated electricity. Footpaths, roads, tyres,  in the sea from waves, wind pressure…

The uses are many even the possibility of powering your devices from your effort, This is a concept for teng shoes


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