…and which log stove did i choose?

Quick update on the log stove I went for! Both the Morso Owl and the Jones family are happy. 6.25kw seems the perfect heat loss for my old house. I have a vent through my 1.1m thick wall to make the stove and building regs happy

Firstly thanks to all those who suggested makes and types from my previous blog . In the end I went for a Morso Owl. There are several reasons why. The main one being the shape of my square, deep inglenook with the flue right at the back meant that I needed a back flue system and a deep rather than a shallow and wide stove. My heart was initially set on the Burley Fireball as it is the most efficient log stove in the world. But with a top flue only on a tall shallow stove meant that I had no room to put bends in to push the stove out to get the heat in the room rather than warm up the inglenook which would have been lovely by the time I went to bed (Part J building regs had a part to play here as well)

having been an official buyer of many  stoves from Ebay for years this time i went for a new stove with a 10 year warranty and parts are really cheap. I now have for the first time something called a rolling flame which indicated my stove is correctly sized and happy. An efficient stove is one which is driven hard, burns cleaner with less residue

I also splashed out on an Ecofan 810. Stove top thermoelectric fan (heat turned into electricity to power the fan. starts working at 65C up to 350C) the fan system  gets heat out of the fireplace earlier and into my room. I did some academic research into TEG’s as its abbreviated into and  it seems to work. (my limited hair is moved when I put logs in…which to me means warm air is being pushed out more than through heat convection and radiation)

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