That’s a pretty power-house! Re visit to the hydro projects in the Lake District. Quality!

Hayeswater Powerhouse. I dare you to tell me this does not fit into its landscape. Stunning site. Thanks to an additional donation the project has also already repaired over 500m of Lakeland wall around the powerhouse and helped safeguard / repaired the scheduled ancient monument below the powerhouse (old lead mine workings with a huge water wheel pit which again Storm Desmond took a chunk out of )

Give credit where credit’s due. The National Trust in Wales are known as ground breakers within the NT for doing environmental work especially renewable energy but the Lake District… and it pains me to say this, do build really tidy hydro power houses! (Wales do good work but the stone work on the Lake District systems is stunning…being an aficionado of good stone work!) I’m not a fan of pastiche but when something is well build and the skill shines through then the stone and roof work on the NT built hydros in the Lakes are a joy to the eye

The innovative twin hydrolite turbines in Hayswater .
Never been done before with Hydrolites. (generated 1.1GWh in the last 12 months) The hydro has not missed a beat and is an example to others

Hause Gill hydro power house near the village. Again this is stunning stonework

The chilli intake over 200m above Hayeswater on the entrance to the old reservoir and next to the reservoir access track. Mr Garry Sharples modeling the latest in weir design

I was up North again today in the snow…the stingy on the face type. To revisit the hydros I saw well over a year ago which were then cutting the turf. Hayeswater and Hause Gill. The former is a 250kw twin hydrolite turbine system and the later a 100kw Gilkes pelton system. I was there early on during site selection and did a little bit of support in the very early days.  Both built-in sensitive locations within typical Lake District valleys and by god do they fit into their landscapes. Garry and John should be very proud of these projects. Hayswater was built-in the teeth of storm Desmond which had a good go at destroying the National Park and the hydro was delayed for quite a while as the main contractor was helping dig out the village of Glenridding at the bottom of the valley (the village have re named one of the bars to thank the contractor of the Hayeswater hydro contractor who came through flood and high water  from the hydro site to help when the village were most in need. Beckside Bar as its now called) I know the NT have a reputation for high quality but in the Lakes our efforts in site selection and design were and are actively supported by the Friends of the Lakes


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2 Responses to That’s a pretty power-house! Re visit to the hydro projects in the Lake District. Quality!

  1. Miranda Campbell says:

    You are right Keith, they look like a legacy to be proud of. Well done everyone involved!

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