Day 5 COP23 Bonn. Vakanuinui Vinaka and a surprise

Virtual Reality (VR) abounds here on many of the stands at COP23. It makes for a strange sight with people lost in other worlds. I suppose you could say the same of the negotiations happening stones throw away to save us all!

My words of today are Vakanuinui Vinaka or good luck in Fijian. It was my first real presentation (before the rest in the next couple of days) about the National Trust in Wales’s work on renewable energy mitigation within special places and then how we share what we have leant locally with communities and nationally through the fit for the future network.  Today was a full on day, end to end. We had a side event in the UK pavilion in the morning. Highlighting the problem but also the solutions and that the heritage and community sector have a big part to play. We as part of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) Delegation are working with many players including the Global Village Network and the Center for Alternative Energy here at the conference.

The UK stand was our site for the morning. Sharing with others what we have learnt on making our heritage fit for the future

From here it was my first ever video blog for the Future Generations Office here in Wales. (should be out next week sometime) on the progress to date here in COP23. Then a full on planning session for tomorrows events where we have taken over a local church for a full day of presentations and such like. I still had time for the odd side event hosted by others. The event on Global Importance of Agricultural heritage systems was a revelation for me and scientific evidence for our work . Prof Mauro Angoletti was presenting his research on how we have so much to learn from previous generations to help future generation.His examples of terrace farming in Italy preventing land slide today, orange tree growing in stone enclosures in sites where normally orange trees would not grow and the list went on an on. The ancient 70,000Ha Hani rice terraces in China were one of the only sites to withstand the recent one a hundred year drought in 2016 (actually crops increased) where modern systems failed completely. This to me was the evidence that heritage systems and cultural ways have a big part to play in tackling some of the changes we are going through with climate change. We just need to look at them afresh.

the Fiji vulnerability report is a good read if you want to assess your countries options.

Lastly it was the launch of the Fiji climate vulnerability report at the end of the day. A really good piece of economic and development plan review of risks, impacts but also the nity gritty of what to do. I have a copy of the rather large report…bed time reading


… my surprise of the day. not so much stopped me in my tracks but put a bounce in my step!

The stopped me in my tracks bit today was a text from a friend Shea saying that I had won this years outstanding advocate award in the annual Renewables UK Wales Green energy awards . Not sure who put me forward but thanks and its only because I work with some stunning people and they make my work possible

Early start tomorrow as I have an Interview on BBC Radio Cymru ‘Galwad Cynnar’ on the work in COP

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