Day 4 COP23 Bonn. Bula Vinaka

I do have to say the Fijians know how to host a presentation and meeting. facilitators drawing live images, comfy seats and stunning meeting places

Bula Vinaka is a warm welcome in Fijian which was the greeting we got this morning in the first event . Warm welcome but big subject. Loss and damage leading to climate justice. The pacific islands as they say have almost no impact on global warming but are having to take the brunt of the developed worlds impacts. We had eminent well informed people presenting us with some startling facts such as the one that 25 companies generate 70% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel extraction and mining. The suggested solution was around Climate damage tax as many of these countries and companies are currently ‘out sourcing’ their true cost to others. But they were suggesting that half this tax in the developed world be kept to help those most in need in their own countries and half go to a global fund. All of the damages tax be kept in developing nations to deal with the impacts. But ensuring this tax is simply not passed through to the customer and not from the companies profits would be difficult!

These got us talking and eating! This was my moment today! (the winner)

The Nordic center ran a day on food and the impacts it has on us all from health to climate and  was a big subject. The whole day was dedicated to it as its is as complex as its huge. The edible grubs on the table made an interesting talking point. (They were ok actually). in terms of tomatoes for example 1/3 of its cost is energy and then the carbon impact of this… wished I could have stayed for longer

spent the rest of the day preparing for the next three days of presentations. Tomorrow its the UK pavilion.

I also had a philosophical chat today with a UN person about the negotiations and how they reach agreements. The psychology is incredible. He gave me an example. If one party calls a something an apple and the other calls it a banana and neither will move from this fact, then you have a problem. The UN will suggest that the two of them can agree that its a fruit and then they can move on. (but leaves the fundamental problem there for a later date)  he said discussions on commas can take lawyers and such on… how will we survive as a species!

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