Day 3 COP23 Bonn. Ediok tudu bok

Inspirational session from the Pacific Warriors this afternoon

Tokelauan (apologies probably miss spelled of the saying) for how the Panadan tree forms deep secure roots in the sand and will not move. Tokelau is a small country in the Pacific which has already gone 100% renewables but is also only 5m meters above sea level. It’s a metaphor being used for the people and this challenge of climate change. The warrior message is simple ‘we are not drowning we are fighting. Today was one of those days when people say deep things and they stir something in you. The Pacific Warriors ( held a side event here at COP in Bonn and what a side event. The passion, deep belief, heritage, culture, religion and sense of place came over stronger than I have ever heard it before from anyone. We have in Welsh similar words such as hiraeth and cynefin but I have never heard it said with such strength. We are dabbling around the edges with deals up on deal with fossil fuels. You should have all been here today. I would like to get many a senior manager of most if not all of the organisations (NGO’s included) of the developed north to talk Net Present Value, return on investment, risk modeling, economic models to these warriors and their countries who are having to pick up our bill for fossil fuel use. Even at 1.5c increase many of these islands and some countries are doomed. Astonishing

Our Oliver Maurice from INTO sharing and provoking

Earlier in the day we got going with an International National Trusts Organisation side event co hosted with Eco Villages Network, Centre for Alternative Technology, Nordic Folk Centre and Open Team looking at heritage, community, local and global solutions to the problems we have today from Climate change. I love going to presentations where I come away with ‘an I’ve had an idea moment’ I can hear Paul Southall groan from here! Some inspirational presentations from around the World and even a small mention of the National Trust Wales hydro on Snowdon. I’m now getting ready for a similar event in the UK pavilion on Friday where our work in Wales will be used as I hope inspiration for others and how we have then helped communities learn from this

My winner today of the ‘stopped me in my tracks’ moment of day 3. These cod skin fish lamp shades at the Nordic Solutions site

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