Day 2 COP23 from Bonn. Bula

It was my day on transport. The COP organizers have supplied us with thousands of bikes to get between sites

Day 2 and things are starting to settle into the COP routine. The word ‘Bula’ is welcome in Fijian (the presidency of COP23 is under Fiji) but also the name of the second COP site located about 1km from where I’m based which is the Bonn zone. I forgot to say yesterday why I’m here which is a basic mistake. INTO (International National Trusts Organisation) which I’m a delegate of is here to represent and raise a voice about something called loss and damage in IPCC speak (international panel on climate change) from climate change of heritage and culture. Too easy to gloss over the loss from climate impacts to tangible and intangible heritage and culture but once its gone its gone for ever. In UN speak I’m an Observer but also taking part in the hundreds of what are called side events to the main negotiations here in Bonn

The US Peoples delegation. Telling it as it is. Even Syria has signed the Paris agreement today making Mr Trumps US the only country in the world now not to agree with the agreement

I was fascinated by one title of an event which was called ‘the U.S. Peoples delegation Takes on the Trump administration’ the anger from the speakers of what the administration in the US is doing or not doing was visceral and to quote Dallas Goldtooth from the Dakota tribe ‘that idiot in the Whitehouse does not represent the people of the US’ he then went on to list the many climate change refugees already in the US especially around Louisiana. But in going here I missed a session on the disappearing small island states in the Pacific which was a shame.

Wow the level of abbreviations here is astonishing. I thought I knew jargon but we are in a new language area here in Bonn. SDG, LDC’s, SDC and the list goes on and on. Google translate should have climate change language translation on it. I’m keeping up but just about!

hydrogen car with an EV bus in the background… the near future is here in Bonn

My big thing from today was on sustainable travel. Bonn has gone for EV, Hybrid and Hydrogen buses in a big way but then put in the fact that every manufacturer has supplied hydrogen and EV cars for delegates and it looks like the very near future in terms of low-carbon… can’t wait

I also started to get my head around (finally) blockchain from another side event which has been touted for a few years now as a way of ultimate peer-to-peer supply (of almost anything from energy to carbon to services)  and got me thinking on some projects but more on this later


the award for interpretation and stopping me in my tracks goes to this 6m copper polar bear impaled on a steel oil pipe line sculpture. The pipe is curved into the shape of the CO2 graph curve from 1950 to 2017. The sculpture is called Unbearable by Jens Galschiot. Stunning art!

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