Day 1 COP23 Bonn. ‘Talanoa’

First day and first hour of COP23 in Bonn. Nice and slow start before the 20,000 people storm to come

Here again at a COP. By the way Talanoa is a site within COP but also a Fijian word for a safe place to sit down and have a chat to ‘have it out’ which I really  like. I’m here as an environmental advisor and also father looking to see how we can save the future generations from picking up our bill for miss managing the planet and also sharing with and gaining from others . Bonn in Germany is the venue for Fiji’s presidency of the COP and its my day 1. I’m here both representing the International National Trust organisation and the National Trust Wales.

The prime minister of Fiji opening the Fiji stand at COP.

From the bomb scare yesterday meaning a minor inconvenience in registration to the lack of re usable coffee cups the perspective is set in terms of priorities from various people I have spoken to. Speaking with Prime Ministers and Arch bishops I have gained a good insight into the  main themes. One of my first side events as they call them here was in the meaning of COP23 and expectation from developing countries. From my first presentation, its about responsibility and money. Excellent presentation by Andres Mogro from Ecuador about the funding issue. Interesting use of a word mobilizing and then the dropping of a single comma before the drafting of the Paris agreement has meant the devil and his detail.

The winner of today’s engagement award from me has been the chocolate handing out work of Plant for the Planet and their trillion trees campaign. compelling and delicious

In Paris a $100bn was promised for mitigation and adaptation but interestingly this money was termed as $100bn mobilized with the change of a single coma. Mobilized has turned out to be for every $1 given by a developed country that a developing has to find $6 dollars to match hence the word mobilized means that those with least with give the most (paying for our bill in the developing countries). Another pet grumble from me  has been the focus on mitigating rather than adaptation because mitigating can make money and adaptation costs. (90% funding for mitigation since it  makes income vs. 10% for adaptation or dealing with the consequences)

strong pitch from young people presentation on climate change and the impact of a category 5 typhoon last year in Fiji

few lines from todays side events.

if we lose our peat soils then we have no chance of keeping global warming below 2C

Ocean acidification is here and now. It is negatively impacting most of the species in the sea (the sea absorbs most of the CO2 currently)

the German Fiji youth exchange especially following the Category 5 typhoon Winston was one of the most powerful presentations today

problems and solutions abound here!


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