Fluoride good for teeth but bad for the planet… addicted to HFC’s

The CO2 air source heat pump at Craflwyn near Beddgelert

The CO2 air source heat pump at Craflwyn near Beddgelert

Fluoride is the key constituent of most of the world’s refrigerants. In Kigali the capital of Rwanda a couple of weeks ago a little bit of human race self-preservation kicked in. The nations of the world signed an agreement in Kigali to phase out the use of Hydrofluorocarbons or HFC’s. Getting to know my HFC’s with the various R410A R407, , R145A and so on codes has been simple. It’s simply an agent which bridged one of the gaps left behind when CFC’s ChloroFluorocarbons were banned because of their Ozone depletion quality (remember them and the Montreal agreement?) Well this HFC gap bridger has grown to be a titan refrigerant in the chemical world. Then we get in GWP or Global Warming potential substances (CO2 has a GWP score of 1 and R410 is rated at 1900 times worse) HFC are an order of magnitude less harmful than than CFCs and the volumes of HFC’s were low but with every car, fridge, heat pump, fire extinguisher, air conditioning unit and even the agent used to inflate some of our green insulation is stuffed full and leaking out and it’s getting to be serious. Especially if we want to keep our planet below the 2C level that we have committed to in Paris 2015 COP21

This is all very nice and so what’s this got to do with me or the NT? Well we (NT) are about to install a lot of ground source and air source heat pumps and the above was one of the questions we asked potential suppliers. ‘what are you doing about the future free of HFC’s’ (might be worth you having a look at the tightening F Gas regulations as well) It was interesting to hear that most of the large heat pump manufacturers are already gearing up to this in terms of designing their systems to be relatively easy retrofit. There are other non and very low  GWP refrigerants such as CO2 (yes seriously it’s a good refrigerant) Ammonia and even air but this whole area needs scaling. We did install three CO2 air source systems into NT properties a few years ago including the CO2 air source heat pump in the main office in Llanerchaeron

Open to suggestions on makes and models in this emerging market which do not use HFC’s

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