My National Trust year in plants.

I must be getting soft in the head but I have decided to track my working year in the National Trust through plants. Specifically photographing what I see day-to-day. Not sure how to present it but I get to see some magnificent sites in my comings and goings for the job. It is also partly why I got into the job which was to hand on landscapes and the world in a generally  better condition. I am not a botanist or a gardener but I like learning new things and stuff like this puts a spring in my step. No specific outcomes, no specific plants. (probably flowering but also special stuff I come across in the job) Might use Flickr or Ingram but not sure yet. (suggestions please) The following images were my yesterday from Hafod y Llan farm on Snowdon down to the Cothi Valley in S Wales. I was looking at biomass heating from our woodlands but that’s another story!


Welsh Poppy  (Pabi Cymreig) and foxgloves (Bysedd y Cwn neu Ffion) growing at National Trust Hafod y Llan on the drive into the farm yesterday. I have been watching this wall develop over the years into this magnificent yellow display


Cotton Grass (Plu’r Gweunydd – Cymraeg) in National Trust Hafod Garegog National Nature Reserve. this was taken 5 meters from the road.


Pink Campion in full bloom by the visitor building in National Trust Llanerchaeron


Welsh Poppy again in Hafod y Llan


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3 Responses to My National Trust year in plants.

  1. Green, Sarah says:



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  2. iloveswcoast says:

    Lovely! I suggest you try Instagram not Flickr. Let us know what you decide so we can follow you. Cheers!

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