“I believe”… More importantly hundreds of people believe!

the old hydro in Bethesda. new one will be here this year!

the old hydro in Bethesda. new one will be here this year!

Its been a busy old few days travelling all over the country. Mr Southall wins the prize this last week. Sharing and learning from and to others. The highlight of my week was the complete sell out of Ynni Padarn Peris Community Hydro share offer ahead of time. £250k sold. Bethesda is 70% there (over £330k sold to date) and shares going out of the door fast. Whats amazing is the number of local people who have bought (over 400 people). Over 90% of the shares have gone to within a few miles of each project. Think someone mentioned Big Society a few years ago. Here it is despite the change in rhetoric from above.

Yesterday I was out as a Director of Ynni Anafon community hydro recording articles for BBC news and radio on the difficulty of community and distributed energy. I stuck my head into the Hydro Power House at Anafon and it was showing an amazing 683MWh of energy generated since Dec . (target is 950MWh for the whole year). We also start on a separate project a few valleys away on designing a smart grid supply system for a community thanks to some seed funding from Welsh Gov… it’s all go! Oh and one of the students we are working with was successful in her EAGA grant bid to review the fuel poverty impact of all the work in Bethesda…. oh and… better stop there. It’s on fire at the moment!

Proud Dad moment. My dughter (Design Engineer) with the team from Ysgol Brynrefail

Proud Dad moment. My daughter (Design Engineer on the team) with the F1 team from Ysgol Brynrefail who are currently in Silversone for the UK finals for the F1 Schools competition. the winners go to Texas for the world final. CAD Design, dynamic virtual testing, 3d printing, track race and so on!

the us currently happening outside my house. Mountain on Fire. 6th Fire Engine just past. getting closer to the houses!

Did not mean that ‘its on fire’ statement above thinking of whats happening around the village now. This currently happening outside my house on the mountain as I’m doing the blog. Mountain on Fire. 6th Fire Engine just past. Getting closer to the houses! Heathland and woodland tinder dry and it’s just gone from 2c last night to 14c tonight (bats going for it outside the house)

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