Storm Desmond, Glenridding and an NT Hydro.

Photo: North News & Pictures ltd

This was the scene in Glenridding following storm Desmond’s destruction in December. Our contractors Beckside Civil Engineers tracked down from the NT Hayswater hydro they were building down to the village to help out. Three months later they had finished. The water had scoured every beck, stream, river and so on in the area and deposited thousands of tonnes of stones in the village.


This was the last time I was in the Lakes in January . It did feel like I was ‘in’ the Lakes. This is the road to Langdale

I was up in the Lakes a couple of months ago and storm something or other was in and tearing the roads to bits again. Its been bad all over the country but the NW has copped it worst than most. Today the sun was out, the stonechats were going for it and all was well with the world. I had a meeting with John to talk hydros but also to have a look and see at how Hayswater hydro had re started the build now the ground was drying out. Its now moving up the mountain along the old reservoir track. The other thing which is moving up the mountain was a lot the stone from Glenridding. The NT and Beckside the contractors have bought quite a bit of the stone back to the mountain and are using it for pipe bedding (round stones to protect the pipe for the hydro) Seems the right thing to do. The power of water bought it down the mountain. Now the stone is helping with the ‘power’ in the water. PS the weather was stunning. First time in a while not to be soaked in the Lakes

Coming back to the mountain 30t at a time.

Coming back to the mountain, 30t at a time. The stones and gravel washed into the Glenridding village

the diggers from Glenridding now putting the stone to a good use on the old reservoir track

The diggers from Glenridding now putting the storm stone to a good use under the old reservoir track

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