Energy before and now. Nothing new under the sun. National Trust Ogwen cottage


Quite an address for the new Ogwen base. “in the middle of everything spectacular” next to the Lake, below Tryfan, Glyderau, Cwm Idawl, Carneddau and so on

We have been working with the team at the National Trusts new Ogwen base at the foot of Cwm Idwal, Tryfan and Pen yr Ole Wen between the Carneddau and Glyderau massifs. The new site is in a transformation phase. The main building is being operated in partnership with Outward Bound trust in order to assist young people to get out into the mountain environment. The older building next to the Idwal river we have the new  National Trust Rangers base for this spectacular area. My interest as you might have read before is the heritage of energy generation and true to form the site has a nice chunky energy history. The old building was the site for a mill which used to produce honing stones to sharpen ‘stuff’ (there is a little quarry behind the visitor centre as testament to this) The old building was resplendent with a quite a large overshot water wheel. Later on a pelton hydro was installed into the site (two separate accounts of its existence right up until the 70’s) If any one has any images of the system i would be grateful for a copy.

The new rangers building in times gone by resplendent with its over shot waterweel

The new rangers building in times gone by resplendent with its over shot water wheel


…and so technology comes to the building in the form of a state of the art air source heat pump

The twenty-first century has now caught us up and thanks to our friends from Panasonic we have the latest Panasonic air source heat pump installed and warming the building. We are  looking at the rest of site for options to reduce the buildings environmental impact even further. More to come!

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6 Responses to Energy before and now. Nothing new under the sun. National Trust Ogwen cottage

  1. Lavinia says:

    yet when it comes to aesthetics… water wheel vs air pump??? I know who’s the winner in my eyes.

  2. Tim says:

    Are you running the Heat pump with underfloor pipework or oversized radiators? Be interesting to know size of pump and number of rooms being heated. Thanks

    • Keith Jones says:

      Hi Tim. Not what I’d call a typical building to compare. It’s a mix of lower temp underfloor for the visitor part and over sized rads for the rest of the building (5 rooms) but this is a visitor building with high air exchange rates lower target temps. Typically 17c . Not a good comparison with a house. Heat pump is 12kwp by the way. Hope this helps?

      • Tim Brittain says:

        Thanks Keith, My interest is we’re renovating a stone single story welsh longhouse which currently has night storage heaters. We’ve well insulated roof and put in double glazing. It has mains electricity, but access is up a steep narrow 1/3mile track so oil or bulk LPG aren’t an option to replace Storage heaters. I’m thinking of Air Source as a option We’d be looking for background heating and a large wood burner in living room, Was thinking of oversized rads in old part of cottage and underfloor in new extension yet to be built. Wasn’t sure how effective over sized rads are as I realise the HW temp is much lower than Oil/gas boiler. Have you gone this route on any NT cottages? Thanks

      • Keith Jones says:

        It work fine in that situation. You need an MCS registered installer in order to claim the RHI and a house with an EPC of above D I think. Have a chat with an installer first

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