Homework for the NT Team. Community Energy is still alive and growing… despite the system.

Paula and Alun mid filming.

Paula and Alun mid filming.

We had just under 50 people come to a meeting at our HQ tonight. Pete’s eats cafe in Llanberis. (ps thanks for the tea and coffee tonight Pete!) These 50 have agreed to be ambassadors for the new community hydros. We had NGO’s Charities, multiple community councils, University and other community Energy companies (Ogwen and Anafon). The Llanberis group have three months to raise £250k but a lot of commitment to make this happen. Oh and we were also filming with the TV company Cwmni Da for the upcoming crowd source funding campaign which will start on the 27th of Feb. Thanks to Arloisi Gwynedd for the support and funding to make this part happen.

The power of people is an incredible thing to see and experience. In a world of apathy and hoping instead of doing its a delight to experience people who want to do stuff. Tonight was testament to what can happen if enough people ‘want’ something to happen and then just go ahead and do it.”  Mills, Paul, Enfys and myself are helping community teams to make thing happen in the world of renewables. Tonight we went after work to a community energy meeting to share but also to ‘do’. Paul is a volunteer project manager after 5pm for a new community hydro which is more or less shovel ready in Llanberis. Mills has kindly donated but also been taking the images. (not sure if Mills is a good dry stone waller for the NT who takes good images or a photographer who is a good dry stone walling.

Thanks to Mills for all the time and images (this is part of the Llanberis community hydro team)

Thanks to Mills for all the time and images (this is part of the Llanberis community hydro team)

Enfys is helping with the business support for the Bethesda Community Hydro and I am trying to raise loan finance and grants to make the two happen.

Pint of tea and some good people can make the impossible… possible. Paul , Mills, Enfys and I are sharing the NT experience to make things happen

The sense of satisfaction, frustration, delight, disappointment, determination within a group of committed professional volunteers is very powerful. This time next year we will have helped two more community projects generate benefit for my children’s children. The National Trust has a phenomenal team delivering incredible projects on the Trust properties but seeing the spread of this expertise to make a difference in our communities of an evening is just as satisfying. Yes the Government have given the sector a good kicking but its interesting to experience the drive, innovation and determination come to the fore. Yes we are cutting our suit from the cloth we are given but also looking for other pieces to patch the gaps. Flyer-YPP-

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