Fit for the Future launches first progress report

Picture1We are very proud to present our first Progress Report, which celebrates the Network’s matchmaking success stories and reveals what our members have achieved this year. We have worked with 988 practitioners from 106 organisations. Here’s a look at the collective impact our members are having.FFTF1

The report also reveals how savings are making a big difference to the organisations involved. The National Trust has saved enough money on electricity bills this year to pay for 36 kilometres of footpath restoration, whilst the RNLI’s expected income and savings from renewables could pay for 10 inshore rescue boats per year.

As well as the collective impact our members are having, the report celebrates Network success stories and our achievements over the past year. Chatsworth House have installed 15 biomass systems after recieving advice from the National Trust, and Scottish Canals have launched their first ever Environment Strategy with help from fellow members.

We’re very pleased to report that 100% of our members would recommend the Network to their peers. Dame Helen Ghosh, Director General of the National Trust, said:

“The Fit for the Future Network has grown into a really powerful movement for effective action on climate change thanks to the hard work of the practitioners from all organisations involved. The National Trust and Ashden set up the network because we believed that collaboration is one of the best tools we have to mitigate its threat.”

At more than 30 events, site visits and meetings hosted by the Network, 988 people from more than 100 organisations have been able to collaborate and share knowledge to move forward more quickly and successfully with sustainability work. The practitioners involved range from those working in catering and procurement to gardeners, estate managers and sustainability experts.

Sarah Butler-Sloss, founder director of Ashden, said:

“What is so important about this network is that it brings these organisations together to learn from each other and accelerate their energy reduction plans but not just that: the money saved on energy can be ploughed back into an organisation’s core services whether that is buying lifeboats, fighting cancer or preserving the UK’s heritage. It has been a busy year and we hope that with more funding and more organisations joining we can achieve even bigger savings and really make our UK buildings fit for the future.”FFTF2

Network members are making significant headway when it comes to energy reduction. At The Crown Estate’s Windsor gardens, an LED lighting upgrade programme is expected to reduce energy consumption by 55 per cent annually. A pilot scheme undertaken by Oxfam GB has resulted in an average 18 per cent electricity consumption saving per charity shop.

Going forward, the Network continues to grow its membership and is currently advertising for a new chairperson. It will also be widening its scope to cover all areas of sustainability including waste, water and food.

Fit for the Future progress report

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