Is ISO14001 worth it?

Annual reportJust finishing off the  prep work for this years looming external ISO14001 Environmental Standard audits.

Keith and I have been discussing the merits (or otherwise) of obtaining and maintaining our accreditation in light of balancing this against the delivery of projects and improvements on the ground (the real world benefit).


  • Time consuming in terms of paperwork, process and updating
  • Is this bureaucracy for the sake of it?
  • Does it actually improve your environmental impact (knowing something and acting on something are two separate things)


  • Makes us stop and assess how we are actually progressing
  • Helps with maintain focus to reach your targets
  • External validation and recognition for all of the efforts of the staff and volunteers
  • Adds weight to both internal and external discussions (quantifiable proof of holistic approach working to deliver)

All things considered we both agree (an unusual occurrence) that the external validation via an internationally recognised environmental standard ensures we keep our focus on the bigger picture and not get sidetracked by “shiny and exciting”. Stopping and recognising what has been achieved since NT Wales began this process is something we don’t often do, but that’s when we have our annual renewal of enthusiasm.


Anyway, have a look at our latest annual report and judge for yourself.


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