Bodnant Garden – growing our own energy


So I have been quiet on the blog front recently (Mr Jones keeps telling me), so thought time to give an update on what I have been up to over the last month.
Whilst I was away working on the REI programme Alex Turrell was lining the ducks up at Bodnant garden, home to our latest 50kw PV system. I then stepped in to see the build through completion.WP_20150930_005

The system is located on a rocky outcrop within the overflow car park – really nicely done by carbonzero who ensured no loss of parking spaces, whilst to my mind delivering the nicest finished pv system we have.
The Panasonic high efficiency panels flow with the contours of the hillside utilising a bespoke railing system. I am a bit of a geek, but to me the finished result is superb.

WP_20151014_008From here the cable runs downhill to link in directly to the pavilion tea rooms.
At a time when the fit review and resulting uncertainty hangs over the solar industry, Bodnant confirms that appropriate integration and design can achieve a fantastic result.
Not a kWh leaves site as the 200,000 visitors per year are energy hungry. Our solution at Bodnant Garden is to grow our own energy.
On a November morning the system had directly fed the equivalent of £30 worth of energy to the tea rooms. This is money the charity can now use for conservation rather than paying for electricity.
The PV system also provides electricity to the electric vehicle charge point at the property, ensuring visitors can take a little piece of Bodnant grown energy with them as they travel on.


Many thanks to carbonzero, Panasonic Uk and Alex for making this a nice return to Wales.
Much more on the go in the run up to Christmas so will keep Keith smiling with more blogs to follow.WP_20151023_012

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