The plaudits for Plas Newydd Marine Source Heat Pump coming through thick and fast

News-40-Business-Green-Leaders-Awards-2015-clay-plasters-clayworks-interiors-architecture1The Plas Newydd Marine Source Heat Pump, which is part of the National Trust’s Renewable Energy Investment Program has in the last week received two new National Awards in recognition of its ground breaking design and delivery. One award from the sustainability industry  was in the shape of “Outstanding project of the year” at this years UK Business Green Leaders award (this is the second year running we have won this category. Last year it was the Hafod y Llan Snowdon hydro) Also a big well done to our very own Paul Southall for also winning the energy champion category. think he should consider leaving his bow tie one all the time!

The second award for Plas Newydd Marine Source Heat Pump was by public vote in last nights 2degrees award again in another glittering award ceremony in London. To paraphrase a certain Michael Cane “I think were going to need a bigger cabinet” Link the award was for the best retrofit. See… you can teach an old dog new tricks (Plas Newydd that is!)

Emma Guthrie… quite pleased with Plas Newydd’s Success. Image smiley Mike Hudson!

We were also asked to do something clever and inspirational for the 2degrees award with a box of random Lego. We adults had a go and after a few hours of work we came up with “a random pile of Lego” I then gave the Lego to my son who came up with about 14 different things. “if something seems impossible (climate change) then give it to the young because they don’t know what impossible means!”

Doing the impossible comes naturally to the young! Tryfan making stuff!

Doing the impossible comes naturally to all children! Tryfan making stuff!

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