Economic and Social Impact of small and community Hydro… and also #ihaveastream invitation

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 21.09.22This is my 500th blog. “Feels like more” I hear you say. But I can’t think of a more fitting blog to celebrate this event. The publishing this week of the Economic and Social Impact of Small and Community Hydro in Wales report. We played a very small part in this by providing data on our hydros to Prof Calvin Jones of the Cardiff Business School.(good coffee shop selector!)  we provided the raw data around the how much breakdown and detail but also the how productive bit. You may also recognise images in the report. It’s a really good piece on the multiplier effect of micro hydros which I think is as relevant to charities like ourselves as much as communities. Income circulation for social, environmental and also the clear jobs benefits. The Guardian ran an article on this today. Compelling

“New research by Cardiff Business School points to a potential economic windfall from micro-hydro. On the basis of existing installations, researchers estimate that every 1MW of community-owned micro-hydro installed generates an additional 10 full-time equivalent jobs in every year of its operation. This, again, is significantly ahead of other generation technologies, including the next-best performer, community-owned solar photovoltaics, generating 3.3 full-time jobs per 1MW installed.”

Add on to the this the research work we helped  Bangor University on the Carbon payback and whole life aspect of a micro hydro and the positives of a well designed and installed system in the right place are very compelling. Lets hope the Rt Hon Amber Rudd (DECC) in her current Feed in Tariff deliberations considers the whole picture.

If you want to know more than why not come to the Royal Welsh Show next week and have a chat with us, community energy developer and suppliers. 22nd of July #Ihaveastream 

A hydro is for life not just for FIT!

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