…and the jacket goes on my house. External insulation is us


My house before I ruin it… I mean insulate the outside.

We are three weeks into the process of externally insulating my house. As explained before. detail detail detail. The system is a Rockwool one which is glued on to the wall and all of the small voids are filled with foam. (as mentioned earlier. My house is a victim of the 80’s and so is a stranger to lime mortar and anything breathable) and so i need to make sure i am suitably ventilated whilst keeping the heat in.  Holes are then drilled through the insulation and plastic ties are knocked into the wall. Some mesh is inserted on the end of the tie which is then also bonded onto the batt of insulation. Looks very cosy. The first mesh and render coat was applied today. A coloured render will be applied in the coming weeks. We have had a small hitch in that Scottish Power have yet to turn up to move the incoming electricity cable so that we can insulate under and round this. But I have just heard a rumour that children in Carmel (the previous village ‘done’ with this system) are prone to throw spiky things at the wall of houses on the main street or simply stab it with something spiky. Because its ‘fun’ and looks cool when your house has weapons sticking out of the wall. Lets hope this does not catch on in our village.

The nagging interstitial condensation feeling is still there in the back of my mind. the coming of time and weather will result in micro cracks in the render, the capping will fail in the future. The reveals around the windows, purlins in the walls…. best stop there or I would not have done anything. PS new windows being measured up this week. More to come on Triple Glazed Accoya later!

the before of my house. Nice and cold but no 'real' condensation issues (I think)

Details… 100mm of external insulation before the render goes on (top left) 2″ of phenolic insulation at ground level (bottom left) Moving lots of stuff. Soil pipe, PV cable, LPG, EV charger and the list went on (top right) Insulation is on the gable of the house. The patches are where the wall ties have gone in and they have applied bonding on the mesh before the first coat of  mech and render is applied

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One Response to …and the jacket goes on my house. External insulation is us

  1. Neil Lewis says:

    Pob lwc. “The Final Frontier”…..

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