A low carbon sustainable lobster roll. PV and Wind powered cafe with one of the best views in the world. A first (we think!)

PV, Wind, Freshwater West and a lobster role. Whats not to like!

PV, Wind, Freshwater West and a lobster role. Whats not to like!

Thanks to Rebecca for this article –

Café Môr, operated by The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company, have opted to generate power through wind and sun this year in order to reduce their carbon footprint. NCASS, the Nationwide Caterers Association has declared this to be the first one of its kind in the UK. The mobile cafe has been providing tasty local delicacies, such as SeaShore Wraps, to National Trust visitors at Freshwater West on the Stackpole Estate since the beginning of the season in 2013.

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company received funding from the National Park to transform the beach trailer into an eco-friendly food to go outlet this spring. The noisy petrol generator has been replaced with a miniature wind turbine and solar panels which will charge the batteries on board. Because Café Môr provides high risk foods like shellfish and ice cream, and since the project is so new, the batteries will be plugged into the mains at night as back up until the level of energy produced daily by the sun and wind is properly known and calculated. It will be a learning experience but the end goal is for the trailer to run completely off grid. Jonathan will write a case study to release to the industry at the end of the season which hopefully will provide a template for others to use in the future.

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Whats not to like?

Jonathan Williams from the PBFC states: “Freshwater West is simply a beautiful wild beach in sunny Pembrokeshire on the Stackpole Estate, the location is a dream come true. However ever since I started trading there in 2013 I have always felt guilty rocking up in the morning and starting the generator up. In such a setting it is at complete odds with its natural surroundings, I have tried to use the new generation of “silent” generators which turn out not to be that silent. As well as the noise, there was the constant lifting the generator in and out of the trailer, the oil and petrol leaks and the occasional non start days, surely there has got to be a better way of producing power”. Now the installation has been completed by Pembrokeshire Power Jonathan is keen to open and unveil the changes.

stunning food, stunning place... and now much quieter thanks to some PV and the energy from the wind

stunning food, stunning place… and now much quieter thanks to some PV and the energy from the wind

Rebecca Stock, Outdoor Enterprises Manager said: “In terms of the way we work with catering partners in the outdoors, Pembrokeshire Beach Food company are trialling an exemplar environmentally sustainable approach which, if proved successful, could be a target that we set when working with other catering concessions across Wales”.

In keeping with the ‘green’ theme, Café Môr’s successful litter picking incentive which ran last year will be back. Customers will receive a hot drink or an ice cream in exchange for one carrier bag of rubbish collected off Freshwater West beach.

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