…and the next hydro please. National Trust latest undertaking. Small and equally as powerful.

Photomontage of the proposed hydro intake. this is again in the confer woodland

Photomontage of the proposed Berthen hydro intake. This is again in the confer woodland

Last Tuesday and after 18 months of work we received planning permission for our latest 100kw hydro. The Berthen stream in Snowdonia near the small town of Bethesda should be generating 420Mwh per annum by the end of next year. Whats unusual about this hydro is the existence of a dense conifer block of woodland along the entire pipe route The woodland itself the NT are working on a long-term reversion to broad leaf. We are will be surface mounted hydro pipe through the dense plantation. The high head (208m of drop) means that the pipe will be quite a bit smaller than recent Hafod y Porth 100kw hydro (in terms of energy output for example if you double the drop or head (you increase the pressure) it will produce the same amount of energy as if you doubled the amount of water) what in essence this means is that for a much smaller amount of water we can generate the same amount of energy as the Hafod y Porth hydro because of this increased ‘head’. Dewi the area ranger is also looking into the possibility of using some of the larch on the plantation site to be used for constructing the very small turbine building. This project will mean good news for the Carneddau property. the additional long-term resources provided by this hydro will enable a lot more long terms conservation and access work to be developed As ever watch this space!

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