Its all getting very, very real with the Anafon Community Hydro

It’s all getting very very real for the Ananfon Community Hydro. Canyon Pelton Turbine has now been ordered.

Last night I attended the latest Anafon community hydro project team meeting. It’s now moved from share issues and on to CDM, Risk registers, project delivery plans and deposits on all sorts of stuff. The hydro to date has sold over £330,000 shares and the enquiries keep coming in (the target was £300k) the more shares that are sold the less loan that will needed to be taken out. The £1.4m hydro is inching closer and closer to cutting the turf in March. A deposit was paid yesterday on a brand new 270kw Canyon turbine. This turbine is now being built! The Canyon turbine was selected for a myriad of reasons. Quality, cost but also delivery time. The usual suspects have very long delivery times and the community want to be generating by the end of summer next year.

Oh and what about insurance. That is a whole another world of blogging. Public Liability, goods in transit, storage, project insurance, operating insurance and on and on. (Thanks Gill Hall for the guidance… invaluable).

The quarter of a million pound grid connection, the 2km of pipe line, the storage compound for all this stuff… control systems, access routes… and on and on. It’s all very exciting but also a lot of work for the volunteers on the project. much more on this as it gets to the build

this is what is all about. Community and sustainability. Aber dabber doo event to launch the shares

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