IWA Wales Energy Summit – Council of despair or planning the plan? #thewaleswewant

Not one for summits normally but yesterdays got me 'thinking' about what we can, should and must do...or 'hell in a hand cart' awaits us.

Not one for summits normally but yesterday got me ‘thinking’ about what we can, should and must do…or ‘hell in a hand cart’ awaits us.

Personal musings!

Getting up at 4am for a 9 o clock event in Cardiff is a challenge in itself. But the Energy Summit in Cardiff yesterday had bigger elephants to fry (mixing my metaphors). I usually avoid summits, workshops and ‘think ins” But the event in Cardiff yesterday got me thinking about what energy and sustainability future do we want? Where are we now, what is our ambition and what will it take?

My impression of the opening session when Oil and LNG where summing up the global situation was “give up, don’t bother getting out of bed, its bigger than anything you can possibly imagine”.  No answers just a feeling of inevitability. My follow on feeling was that i was not sure when it happened but someone has put the lawyers and accounts in charge? No longer serving and enabling but sort of driving the show. The Leaders, innovators and enthusiasts seem to have been put in the passenger seat. From this sobering start some solution drivers started to gain a head of steam. It became obvious through the whole event that its not really a mater of science, economics and planning. But more about leadership. Setting the vision, highlighting and tackling the obstacles and then going for it. A fair amount of the day was focusing on the problems but we had snatched visions of what we could do. Its a scary future but…

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

My impression overall? I will go again to a “think-in”. But a small country can make a difference. It was not a 150 years ago when 90% of the industrial energy of the world came from Wales (steam coal). I have three young children and every now and then i think “what on earth am i subjecting their children to?” We have to do something. The hollow men are currently steering and this needs to change!

…this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper. TS Eliot

Here endeth the sermon. But… there are some stellar examples out there of what can be achieved



Whats is my son’s energy future? I hope better than some on the council of despair were saying yesterday?

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One Response to IWA Wales Energy Summit – Council of despair or planning the plan? #thewaleswewant

  1. Mike Kirwin says:

    So many things need to rapidly change if we’re to decarbonise our energy system, that it’s difficult to know where to begin. We need fossil fuels to pay for the damage they have caused / continue to cause. And to ensure renewables have priority access to the grid, have access to finance and are subjected to proportionate regulations from the authorities. None of which are currently in place.

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