Plas Newydd marine source heat pump. Winner again!

Today was the Renewables UK Cymru 2014 awards. Cardiff was the venue and we were sharing the day with the NT team and Kimptons and Stiebel Eltron the suppliers and developer of the Plas Newydd heat pump. The National Trust were finalists under three categories. Energy advocate of the year, community support and finally best project. Having seen the finalists I did not hold out much hope! But it was a privilege sharing the day with such inspirational and in illustrious company. Winning the best project category especially when up against a project with an awful lot more zeros in the budget was a real surprise for all of us there. But we did… ! The Renewable Energy Investment Program is now really showing its metal. Both in cost and time benefit but also the industry in general also recognised our innovation and drive for quality.

Happy with a good result. Ron, John, Mike and Justin at the awards today

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2 Responses to Plas Newydd marine source heat pump. Winner again!

  1. Evans, Sioned says:

    Da iawn ________________________________

  2. lizzycarlyle says:

    Congratulations! It’s a great project and most deserving.

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