National Trust entrusted with worlds first proper field trial of an all electric Electric Land Rover

Stunning and stunning

Stunning and stunning (image Wynn Owen)

We (The National Trust) are privileged to be entrusted by Jaguar Land Rover with something really special. A prototype, all-electric Land Rover on its first ‘real’ sojourn into its proper off-road life. Think 4×4 and gas guzzling unsustainable thoughts some to mind. But think farming, moving stock, trailers, reaching far-flung off-road parts of the farm and a 4×4 is not a luxury but its the only thing which will do the job.

Hafod y Llan on Snowdon is the single largest in hand farm in the National Trust. Those of you following the blog will have seen our work over the last few years to make the farm fit for the future. Everything from biomass to hydros. Heat pumps to LED. One of our  Achilles heels in our drive to reduce our impact is our reliance on fossil fuel (diesel) in our vehicles. We have been trailing electric vehicles at the farm but the elephant in the room has been the small fleet of necessary 4×4 vehicles which are ever-present on site. The nice new shiny and very silver electric Land Rover which  arrived six months ago will be our first baby steps to addressing our addiction to diesel. For the farm we already grow the fuel for electric vehicles and it would be good to use more of it on site, Both on environmental but also economical grounds.

Follow as we and Land Rover learn during this prototypes vehicles introduction to Snowdonia and the hard work which is mountain farming. Lets see how many Welsh Black bulls this vehicle can tow!

Its all been hush hush because of the trial. but yesterday i was driving the Land Rover from Hafod y Llan to the Hafod y Porth hydro and someone flagged me down and said. Oh this is the vehicle i was reading about in the NT magazine yesterday… ah secret no more!

Happy in its environment!

Happy in its environment!

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