From a twinkle in the eye to the “ta-dah” moment


Another day in the National Trust, another fabulous property which offers a world of opportunity!

Last Friday saw me over in the East of England at Felbrigg Hall to assist in the scoping out and options appraisal of potential renewable heating systems for the hall, catering and holiday cottages.  As we move up a gear in the trusts Renewable Energy Investment programme we are developing our “pool” of consultants and contractors who can assist properties to turn twinkles in the eye into reality. My role = to be the short, bald critical eye over the process, and to ensure the unique requirements of the national Trust are incorporated into the options appraisal.Felbrigg4

For example: the constraints of working within our special places and listed environments; how we are asking our heating systems very often to not only keep people warm and provide hot water for our staff and visitors, but how conservation management of relative humidity is right up there on our list of essentials.

Not an insignificant challenge, but when you look at how stunning the property is you cannot fail to appreciate why we are doing what we do!Felbrigg1

Saturday morning provided the opportunity to meet with our visitors and show them first hand behind the scenes at Plas Newydd heat pump system as part of the Wales Green Living Events 2014 programme. As always Barbara and Gill at Plas Newydd had organised things and ensured that all I had to do was turn up and do the fun bit leading guided tours.Green Living day1

The heat pump tours attracted over 50 members of the public during the day, and Barbara took over in the afternoon offering the property perspective of the whole project (sshhhh – dont tell her we had managed to sneak a sticker onto her person in a professional kind of way).Green Living day2 Huge well done to the property team for such a successful day.

They even arranged glorious weather.

Yesterday saw Keith and I undertaking “The Big Three Energy day” – an opportunity for National Trust staff and tenants (and a few others as well) to see first hand renewable projects that have been completed recently, as well as those currently underway.Spot the hydro









More from Keith on this later, but the day offered the chance to see size and scale, as well as ask questions on the systems and provoke thoughts on what can be achieved back at their own properties.

Now back to business case papers and audit paperwork (or maybe I will just go and check how the Kettle is working first)

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3 Responses to From a twinkle in the eye to the “ta-dah” moment

  1. Miranda Campbell says:

    West meets East – thanks Paul, you are always welcome over here!

  2. Paul Southall says:

    Thanks and be careful what you wish for! Had a fantastic day and as always got to look under the bonnet of a National Trust property. Love the Elizabethan cellars.

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