Community energy fortnight – proud to be a part of. Lots to learn and share

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us…but also so so an awful lot more organisations and communities. 13th to the 28th of September is the second year for the community energy fortnight. Last year I was reading a walk with quite a few communities who were interested in doing a hydro. this year we and our partners have quite a few more things on the go! If you interested in renewable energy from a personal, organisational or community aspect then follow the LINK. Working with DEG  we are presenting with quite a few other experienced community energy experts in what promises to be an intense, informative and rewarding community energy workshop day on Anglesey. The 13th of Sept will see our friends at Anafon Community Hydro, Abergwyngregyn go AberDabberDoo and launch their share offer for what is I think the largest community hydro south of the Scottish border. The National Trust all over England and Wales are also showing behind the scenes, highlighting what we have done in terms of approaches and technology.


lots to see learn and share!


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