Stickle Ghyll Hydro Update

John here using Keith’s password (he is aware!) to update on Stickle Ghyll.



Work is really moving on at Stickle Ghyll and we’re at the ‘messy’ stage where we need to carry out the main civil engineering works in the water course. Stickle Ghyll has over 200,000 visitors per year and we are often stopped and asked just what are we doing!?! To address some of the questions here’s a quick review and update below:


  • We chose the site for a number of reasons. These include the fact there is an historic hydro on Stickle Ghyll and the remains of the pipe and the powerhouse are still in evidence. The site itself has over 200,000 visitors a year and therefore has had a lot of work carried out on it in the past to maintain footpaths, bridges and the watercourse so there are quite a lot of conservation projects/works already in the landscape.  We will improve these works as part of the project by improving footpaths, repair the undermining of the bridge, improve the water supply for the community and provide an income to safeguard the conservation works in both Langdale and the Lake District for the benefit of all who use it.
  • The turbine itself will be housed in farmland away from the public footpaths and there will be no audible noise from it as the powerhouse will be built in traditional Lakeland style with acoustic treatment to the walls and roof. The turbine will supply energy to the pub and the hotel and will help safeguard the electricity supply for the valley.
  • Water will always flow down the Ghyll. We are restricted to the amount of water we can take and this has been set by the Environment Agency. In low rainfall periods the hydro will simply turn off and not produce electricity but water will always continue to flow down the Ghyll.


  • We will fully restore the site and we are pleased that regular visitors to Langdale will be able to judge us on our restoration works when they next return. We’ve carefully chosen a contractor with an exemplar record in the Lake District of building hydro’s and returning them hidden in the landscape.


  • Work in the river will be finished by the end of September then the pipe work and powerhouse work will begin in earnest!



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