Aber Dabba Doo Festival – Abergynwgregyn. Anafon Community Hydro about to launch

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If your free and in the Abergwyngregyn area on the 13th of Sept (during community energy fortnight) then pop along to the village. The day promises to be one heck of a festival. Called the Aber Dabber Doo the festival is a combination of all things good around a village summer fate but it will also be a spring-board to one of the most ambitious community energy share issues in North Wales. By the way the Anafon Hydro is also one of the largest Community Hydros south of the Scottish border. The festival and awareness raising has been made possible by a combination of a Bangor University intern working with the community, the hard-working volunteers of Abergwnyngregyn and the village is also one of the first recipients of the new Community Energy Development Fund support in Wales

The Abergwyngregyn project or to give it its proper name Anafon Hydro has come a long way in two and half years. The community, the National Trust and I have learnt a lot in the process. From a bright idea a few of us had this has turned into a mountain of legal and business documentation but the ducks have been lined up and the community have moved on to the next aspect which is raising the finance.  On a personal perspective I am really proud in the small part I have had to play in the project and for me it has already generated something … good friends. The learning is now being shared with others in an active way…It has not been easy for all concerned but this will be forgotten when the community hydro is completed next summer. More to come on this as ever!

Background to the project

Remember the date! 13th of September


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