What do you do on your holidays? – Plas Newydd Heat Pump – How’s it looking?


Okay so when you are on your holidays do you “just pop in” to your place of work to take a look at how your heat pump is performing? No I didn’t think so! Then again you would if you worked at Plas Newydd – the picture above is the view from the historic viewpoint we opened up once more as part of the heat pump project – Stunning.IMG_1544

Yet as always my eye had to take in a wider perspective of the pump-house building complete with its snorkel. I am indeed quite sad, and yet to me it also looks quite good.

The reinstatement works are starting to soften at the edges with new pathway and seating so you can stop and take in the view across the Menai Strait.reinstatement



The heat pump system itself is performing superbly, with monitoring taking place throughout the next 6 months in conjunction with the main contractors and designers Kimpton Building Services and Stiebel-Eltron.source flow








We have generated 64 MWH of heat and hot water to date, and based on the last calculations made last week we are currently achieving a CoP of 4.65 from the “magic white boxes”.

Keith and I will keep you posted as we progress into the winter months. Now back to my holidays.


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2 Responses to What do you do on your holidays? – Plas Newydd Heat Pump – How’s it looking?

  1. Huw says:

    Perhaps there is danger of damaging objects within the buildings, but can the current heat be used to purge any damp problems that may raise their heads during the Autumn/Winter?

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks for this Huw. few points

      when drying a building its slow and steady all year or the salts in lime mortar in the wall will crystallise. we need to keep the humidity between 45 and 65% or the building will suffer
      no real problems with high relative humidity at PN. the issue is low humidity at times and we need more control (drying wood and contents of the building too much) this also causes lime crystallisation !!
      we do have a good hot water need when its sunny but this is domestic hot water for catering

      if your interested in humidity, heat and lime in buildings -http://www.spab.org.uk/downloads/SPAB%20Hygrothermal%20Modelling%20Report%2031.pdf

      all the best


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