Views from Brazil. Interns perspective of her first 4 weeks with National Trust Wales

Samanta with the Chirk Castle Biomass system

Samanta with the Chirk Castle Biomass system

Hi! My name is Samanta, I am an Environmental Engineering student from Brazil, taking part in a project called ‘Science without Borders’, a programme created by the Brazilian Government to support university students to study and work abroad for one year. I have been studying Environmental Science in Bangor University since last September, and now I am working with Keith and Paul for my last months in Wales.

My first few weeks have been great. I have been visiting different places and seeing a lot. I was really impressed to see how the National Trust works, and its commitment to making its properties more environmentally friendly by replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy. The places I have been to include the Hafod y Llan farm on Snowdon, where I was shown a biomass boilers and two hydros, and Plas Newydd, with its solar PV array and a marine source heat pump. It is such a great opportunity to be able to see projects such as these, and understand how they work.

I also found it interesting to see how the National Trust is installing electrical vehicles charging points in their properties, free to use. It not only encourages people to use electrical vehicles, but also brings visitors to the properties.

I am currently involved in reviewing and writing case studies for the marine source heat pump at Plas Newydd and the hydro at Hafod y Llan on Snowdon. Researching hydro companies and equipment and I am also helping on the process of replacing the oil boilers at Bodnant Garden with a biomass boiler, and the installation of a solar PV.

I am honestly impressed with what the National Trust has been doing in relation to the environment, and also Keith and Paul’s involvement and commitment to it. It has been a great opportunity to work with them, and see how it is possible to generate energy from so many different sources, and how it can be done in small scale as well. This experience is certainly giving me a whole new vision on renewable energy.

This was her 'office' last week!

Part of a working day for Samanta. Last week it was Chirk Castle

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