“Please show me the life of a sustainable KW hour”. Good Energy help reveal the alchemy to the National Trust team

This was Paul and my request. We have been dealing in Kwh hours now for quite a few years. Jargon, regulation and a bit of miss understanding surrounds this simple measurement of energy. Two days ago we arranged a meeting with those nice people at Good Energy at their HQ in Chippenham to give us the ‘Noddy’ version of energy trading but also to explain all the embedded aspects within a simple KW. (its not just feed in tariff and export…there is a whole world of LEC, GDUoS, REGO TRIADS, Balancing and Settlement… the upshot of the day in terms of what makes up a KWh is?…it depends if your buying, selling, supplying, trading… But once you start generating at medium scale all of those small amounts of additional benefits (for benefit see income) are really worth going after over and above the normal FIT and Export

Then we got into trading… this is when you have to suspend all that you have learnt in terms of data, analysis, modelling, weather. This trading depends on a battery of factors including for example a really exciting Coronation Street mixed with a refinery in Kuwait being serviced and also which way the wind is blowing. All have a direct and indirect impact on the value of energy in the UK. This has to be predicted every half an hour and energy value is traded on up to 3 million indicators a day. So in terms of if we (you and me) want to put the kettle on or not this  x 20 million kettles has a direct impact on the value of the energy Good Energy has to buy or sell. It was a real eye opener. Muchas Gracias Good Energy for a look behind the curtain

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