Rocking and rolling. Funding secured and we are ‘a go’ to next stage. Community hydro at home

Home! (Snowdon is the white thing in the background)

Today we received confirmation from the Welsh Governments Community Energy program that we have secured a substantial grant to work up the business plan, surveys, outline design, abstraction regime for another community hydro. But this time this is home-work. YnNi Padarn Peris (YnNi sort of translates as Energy, Our energy, In Us) have secured exclusivity to research a local stream to hopefully develop our first community hydro…sounds simple but if experience is to be learnt from we have just put our foot on the first rung of a long ladder. What’s different about this one for me is that i am also one of the directors of this newly registered Industrial Provident Society. In, money, your, mouth, put,

What does this mean in terms of ‘real stuff’. Next comes the detailed modelling and we start on the negotiations, surveys, planning to see if we have a decent hydro. More experience tells me we have a good one. Even more experience also tells me don’t take it for granted. As ever watch this space! But… its exciting working with such a driven team of people with such deep roots in the valley!

“Ond gwn pwy wyf os caf innau fryn
A mawndir a phabwyr a chraig a llyn”

TH Parry-Williams

Part of the team! 12 months + so far to get us to the starting line (and that’s quick!)

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