A beachside behaviour change workshop

retouched yellow suits

Another week…another Fit4Future event….this time, a workshop on behaviour change at the RNLI’s Lifeboat Station in Exmouth.

Apart from the Lifeboat Station being a really cool place to look around (I think sitting in the driver’s seat  of a £2 million lifeboat may have been the highlight of the day for some…!), there was a reason. The RNLI are in the process of refurbing all 236 of their stations and making them energy efficient is a major part of each project. Engaging staff that have to manage the equipment after the builders have gone is another. Subsequently, Rob and his team have learnt some important lessons on the do’s and don’ts of staff engagement, which they were able to share with us during their tour of the station over lunch.

rob tour retouch

Estates Engineer Rob (centre) and station staff member Andy (right of Rob) lead the tour of Exmouth Lifeboat Station

For the rest of the day, we tried to thrash out the tricky question: ‘how do you change the behaviour of an organisation’? with delegates ranging from those trying to encourage tenants to be more energy efficient in their homes, to others who were engaging with staff and volunteers.

workshop retouch

A communications mapping exercise, facilitated by NUS

With theory threading throughout the day, Global Action Plan and NUS supplemented everyone with practical resources and ways people can implement them – there were loads of useful tips, these are the ones I’ve taken away with me:

  1. Gather evidence along the way, taking photos of stuff already happening normalises it
  2. It doesn’t take a leader to make a revolution, it’s the first and second followers- concentrate on them, or don’t be afraid to be a follower yourself
  3. This may be an obvious one, but just to reiterate, different messages for different audiences.
  4. Make it easy! Don’t launch a cycling campaign in winter, do it in summer when people are going to want to cycle
  5. Be focused with your action – instead of ‘turn off all the lights’ make it ‘turn off all lights in the unoccupied staff rooms’
  6. People digest information in different ways, think of various ways of getting your message across and constantly drip feed it.

Massive thanks to the RNLI, Global Action Plan and NUS for making the day so enjoyable.

group retough

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