Marine Source Heat Pump is finished. But how efficient is it?

measuring everything to get the true efficiency of the system

measuring everything to get the true efficiency of the system

Now that we have except for the polishing and full hand over finished the Plas Newydd Marine Source heat pump the critical question is “how efficient is it”? As with every heat pump you have to put energy in to get heat out. The electricity is needed to pump the sea water, pump the glycol, power the compressors in the heat pump and then pump the hot water around the circuit. This ratio of energy ‘in’ and heat ‘out’ is called the Co-efficiency of Performance or CoP. All sorts of figures are claimed by manufacturers but for this project we are taking in all the energy inputs not just the heat pump. A good system has to give you a CoP of 2.9 to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (1kwh of electricity in giving you 2.9kwh of heat out). We have a target of 3.4 CoP for the project. Paul is getting rightfully obsessive about this and as of yesterday we were getting a CoP of 4.4 which is amazing! But only after we have had a full season of heating will we know the true CoP figure. But its a bloody good start!

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8 Responses to Marine Source Heat Pump is finished. But how efficient is it?

  1. Lavinia Bramwell says:

    This is SO exciting! I have been silently following this over the last few months and can’t wait to plan a visit and ‘see’ it. Great stuff guys and a massive thanks for all the informative updates.

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks for the feedback. PS not sure you know but this work is quite a bit of fun as well!

      • Lavinia Bramwell says:

        I’m sure it is. I have 5 days of volunteering to do this summer so if you can use me for a day please let me know! I’ll swap my heels for wellies! I believe my next project is gathering MI for the Dashboard on Renewable Energy so our paths may cross soon anyway.

  2. Neil Lewis says:

    Congratulations fellas. It’s a genius project. 4.4 CoP is a cracking start. Bodes well. Pob lwc!

  3. Mark Harrisson says:

    Dear Mr Jones

    We have a similar property and location in the Channel Islands and would wish to open a dialogue with you and your technical advisors. Could you please contact me on this email.

    With kind regards

    Mark Harrisson – Manager, Ile de Brecqhou
    Brecqhou Island
    Via PO Box 7
    GY1 4AD

  4. That’s pretty wild, Keith. 4.4 CoP is something of a dream. In a few years, we can be pushing much, much further too

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