Sharing and learning from many angles. Oh and cake!


Stackpole Biomass stepped grate biomass.

Stackpole Biomass stepped grate biomass. Sarah organised an event earlier in the week to mine for the biomass nuggets and share. Help those who had ‘done’ biomass and instruct those who are thinking of doing

The following is a blog from a colleague Sarah Jack. Sarah has an unusual, unique and I can’t think of a third ‘U’ word describe her post..ground breaking job for the NT. She is focused on gathering lessons, sharing good practice, gleaning nuggets, developing tools for the Renewable Energy program. Wow an organisation learning and sharing…it will never catch on! I recently attended a biomass summit she and colleagues organised this week. Experience mining and cutting new tracks were the tasks of the day.

Over to Sarah Jack

The experiment: An NT staff biomass event 13 May

Step 1: Build an agenda following surveys and project reviews which identified common challenges with wood fuelled heating projects

Step 2: Take those thinking about installing biomass heating systems

Step 3: Mix with decision makers, operators, policy makers, advisers, and support services with both significant and limited experience of biomass projects

Step 4: Throw in an industry expert, some humour, mini steak and ale pies and cake

Step 5: Discuss lessons learned about wood fuelled heating projects and their operation after the project finishes

Result: A room full of energy (pun intended!), lots of experience and expertise shared and 90% of attendees surveyed after the event indicated they would save time and/or money as a result of attending.

Now its off to tackle the emerging actions and digest the feedback, along with a piece of tree-trunk cake won by a delegate on the day for their networking efforts!

a Stump of a cake!

a’ stump’ of a cake!


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