“Turn your back for 5 minutes” – Marine heat pump cracking on fast.

Step 10 - the pumphouse has landedThings are moving on apace with the Marine Source Heat pump installation at Plas Newydd. As previous blogs explained the pump-house building has been successfully lowered over the cliff and set into position, much to the relief of all involved.Pumphouse settling in

The small but perfectly formed “wave breaker” wall has been built to provide protection from potential impact of flotsam and jetsom.making sure we get it lined up

The laying of intake and discharge pipework into the Menai Strait also took place at the end of March. This was a yet another critical element in the process.

It had to be ensured that the pipework lined up perfectly with the connection points protruding from the pump-house building. We had to ensure that the end of the pipes went far enough out to ensure that they would not be exposed at low mean water tides as this would make the system inoperable due to sucking in air instead of water.

We could not go too far though as our divers had identified a natural shelf which dropped off 2 metres and if the height difference between the pump-house and the end of the pipes was greater than 6 metres, our pumps simply would not be sufficiently powerful to pump the water to the heat exchanger.

Whilst all attention seemed to be on the foreshore, the heating engineers from Kimpton’s had been quietly cracking on with things in the plant room.BH 1

The old boiler plinth had been extended and 3 new buffer tanks had arrived. The giant meccanno set that is connecting pipework had also begun to weave its way past the 4 new heat pumps, through circulation pumps to these tanks.BH 2

The plant room has moved on considerably from the day I took the picture on the left some 3 weeks ago. It had even had its first coat of fresh new paint.

Finally, I popped down this morning to see that the crane lifting plinth had been removed and cleaning and reinstatement works had begun.Tidying the crane platform

Over the coming weeks trenching and pipe-laying works will link up the pump-house to the plant-room. A brand new super insulated heat main will replace the current inefficient heat main down to the mansion.


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