Options and Opportunities – “Where would you start”?


THREE PROPERTIESThe latter end of last week saw me once again step over Offa’s Dyke into England (the South West of England to be precise). I had been invited down by Alix, one of our project managers, to take a look at three of the regions properties – Stourhead, Saltram and Killerton – and assist with a renewable opportunities assessment in order to reduce consumption and get them “off oil”.

This is one of the most enjoyable elements of my job – a pleasurable journey down stopping for a coffee and a catch up along the way, followed by a good “nosey” look under the bonnet of some stunning National Trust properties.IMG_0515The aim of the visit was to assess types of appropriate renewable technology – biomass / heat pumps / photovoltaic – based on heat loads, existing infrastructure and age of “the big boxes that burn stuff”.

Alix either thinking "Where to start?" or "I wish Paul would shut up"

Alix either thinking “Where to start?” or “I wish Paul would shut up”

The practicalities of construction – location / heat main routes/ delivery access and storage areas.

Location location location

Location location location

As well as talking to staff in order to gain an understanding of constraints – aesthetic / archaeological / ecological, as well as operational (what they are left to manage once we have all patted ourselves on the back and moved onto the next project).

A fantastic couple of days with much food for thought for Alix and the regional team as I set off back up north. Now to bring all of the options and opportunities together into project scoping documents and business cases.






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