Sustainability and National Trust working with Further Education. Perfect match

This weeks visit by Llysfasi, Glyndwr University and Coleg Menai got us thinking about the value of working with Further Education. What are the ‘gets’ (what do we the NT get out of it) and ‘gives’ (what does the NT give to Further Education)

Glyndwr University having a look-see and asking some challenging questions in Plas Newydd

The Gives are quite easy. sharing experience, seeing ‘stuff’ advising, partnering. Examples include the presenting we continue to do for Bangor, Birmingham, New York (that’s right!) Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Glyndwr and the list goes on. we have something to share and its of the moment. Sustainability in all of its guises is a growing area and organisations who are at the ‘doing’ end are being sought to enable others to learn

‘Gives’ in terms of partnership but also this is a ‘Gets‘ as we work with a lot of departments in various universities both to further their research but also to help us solve a problem, maximise an opportunity and also to access resources. We are working with the following and plenty more in the ‘development pot’

  • Hydro BPT – looking into the whole life cycle of our hydros. This may lead on to further development
  • SEACAMS – have helped with the research into the Marine Source Heat Pump
  • Science without Borders – High quality master students helping our projects

Placement / Internships for students from Bangor and the Centre for Alternative Energy. these placements have been invaluable for the NT  in delivering essential work to further our objectives ( Gets). We are also on the cusp of taking on a masters student to work with us for a few months on re-review our ISO 14001 sites. We will invest in IEMA auditor training and induct them into ‘our ways of working’. They release capacity within our environmental team by doing a lot of the reviewing work. The student gets huge experience and a CV maker in terms of working in the environmental field… win win

Its been difficult to separate the ‘Gets’ from the ‘gives’. It seems to be a two-way street. For example we have just agreed to take on a Brazilian Engineering Masters student under the Science without Borders project. Their task is to coordinate our smart meter work and take it to another level. We in turn will help them understand the renewables sector, job shadowing and  allowing them to work with some highly skilled engineers….another win win

Is it a lot of work for us?  Yes. Do we get more out of it more than we put in — YES! Is it growing like topsy – YES and some

140 Coleg Menai students at Plas Newydd

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