Llanerchaeron Pv generating whatever the weather, and that’s no bull


Spent a day down at Llanerchaeron recently checking on the performance of the 37kw photovoltaic system, catching up with property staff on the ongoing progress they are making, and explaining to the rather large Welsh Black bull that the Llanerchaeron PV was Keith and my (as well as the trusts) first larger property scale system.
Since we put this system in back in 2011 we have integrated a further 15 photovoltaic systems from 10kw to 50kw; from agricultural sheds to castles. Yet the Llanerchaeron approach of ensuring the appropriate solution for this stunning property – whether it be conservation lighting, heat pumps, ceramic stoves or secondary glazing, as well as continued staff and volunteer enthusiasm and management – always reinforces just what a fantastic job I have.
I also took the opportunity to look over the Caerllan holiday cottage benefitting from a heat pump system sensitively incorporated in an outside store so as to quietly get on with heating the building unobtrusively.
As always there are still things on the properties list of improvements, one of these being the reinstatement of the waterwheel – we are on the case.


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3 Responses to Llanerchaeron Pv generating whatever the weather, and that’s no bull

  1. lizzycarlyle says:

    It’d be great to see a photo and get some more details of how the the Caerllan holiday cottage heat pump is performing. Just in case you were wondering what to blog about next!!

  2. Any idea how much energy they were generating without direct sunlight? I’d be very interested in finding out

    • Keith Jones says:

      its all a balance of duration, angle and cloud density. When Paul looked, it was around 10kwp. But this can change hour by hour and can be as low as hundreds of watts. The main aspect of the PV at the sites we have is that when the sun is out so are the visitors and we use more energy for catering and indoor lighting and so we use what we generate. Nice match for us. Overall Llanerchaeron is returning around 900 to 950kwh pa for every Kwp installed.

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