The Charter House – Old, new and the black death. Amazing place, which is planning its future but rooted in its past

The Charter House

Wow – one of those days. Today was definitely a day I will remember for a long time. The ‘Fit for the Future’ network is now stretching its legs and networking and sharing in earnest. In the centre of London is a seven and a half-acre oasis. The site has deep roots,  700 year old roots. The Charter House  is a combination of Almshouse, Hospital and rented accommodation. The site is a mixture of buildings ranging from Medieval through Tudor and Victorian right up to modern accommodation for its brothers.

The Brothers, who are in need of financial and social support, are selected from a wide variety of professions, which includes teachers, clergymen, writers and editors, musicians and artists. At entry they have to be over 60 years of age and in good health. They must also have a desire to live together in a community following a very simple set of rules.”

I was asked along to The Charter House with Chloe for a chat and to look at how the ‘fit for the future’ network could help but also how Charter House could share its lessons. The 700 year old site is embarking on an ambitious 10+ year conservation plan, energy efficiency drive and carbon reduction program. The tour of the property by its master included later discussions with its brothers. Chatting in such an environment… I’m not sure how to describe it..? ‘surprise, delight and rewarding’  The discussion ranged from humidity management to LED. Biomass to PV. Refrigeration to UV management’ I have never before had such a unique reply to a suggestion for a ground source heat pump at a property. “We might be able to do it but that area is where they buried hundreds of victims of bubonic plague”. Like I said an amazing day!

The Charter House are now members of the ‘Fit for the Future’ network and as we grow the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in the network continues to grow

The Chloister used for events. what do you do with it interns of energy efficiency. Nothing as it is unheated…oh you could change the bulbs. Less is more

The cloister is used for events. What do you do with it in terms of energy efficiency. Nothing as it is unheated…oh you could change the bulbs. Less is more and keep it simple

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