Boilers and nuclear submarines – Saying goodbye to one and buying a door from the other


Sure something is missing?

Sure something is missing?

Busy few days at Plas Newydd. Friday saw a meeting to tie up loose ends, sign off designs and make sure all our Ducks are lined up to ensure all involved can crack on with ordering materials and manufacture of the pumphouse. This is now being manufactured off-site, and will arrive with heat exchanger, pumps and so on already in place in order to ensure that the structure is completely watertight.

The best part of this for Keith and I is that the door itself will be the same as those installed on nuclear submarines, providing when closed a completely watertight seal (how cool is that!). Obviously I told Mrs S this amazing fact = she was not particularly impressed as my toddler was destroying our front room at the time whilst eating his sock. He seemed more impressed I have to say.

Just passed critical wellie depth

Just passed critical wellie depth

I  returned Sunday morning to do another visual check and measure on the tidal range in order to confirm “actual” with tidal charts. Pleased to say all was in line with our calculations.

On Monday I thought I would just “pop in” on my way through to work in the morning as contractors were due to start stripping out in the boilerhouse that day. I arrived to be very pleasantly greeted by an old friend waiting for me outside of the boilerhouse itself.

Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend

He had lost weight since the last time I had seen him, and I could not let him go without capturing an image for posterity.

My own relationship with the 43 year old boiler goes back some 16 years as I was the one who Lord Anglesey called during my eldest sons first Christmas morning to “come over and sort the infernal machine out Southall” when it decided to breakdown. For the next 10 years I saw the boiler often – usually between 0130 and 0730 as constant “persuation” was required to keep things working.

All insulation removed and boiler taken out

All insulation removed and boiler taken out

All in all a good few days, and a personal milestone to see my old friend the oil boiler being removed and consigned to memory, with things moving along nicely in the boilerhouse.

Will keep you posted on progress going forward.

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