Whats occurrin over the holiday? Finished my first archimedean screw (took me 20 mins)


My children thought I needed a hydro at home and bought me this 20cm beast (Archimedean Screw) . Quite often I hear  a groan and “don’t tell us dad,  it’s a story about a hydro ” when I start talking about work. I may be becoming a teeny little besotted with the things. But I now have my own! (for the sad people out there I know it’s a pump before you email!)

Its been one of the best seasons for hydro for a long time with all this rain. (operating and not building as we are) Paul’s previous blog also shows what we are working with nature (never against because we will lose) in terms of natural fluctuations / variables in the environment. The Christmas break has also been a productive one on the community energy front. We have had time to complete a specification and funding application for a community PV system here in the valley where live. We have also just completed a tender document for full feasibility to planning permission on a community hydro having also secured an exclusivity agreement with the 3 land owners again here on home turf. The 70kw micro hydro system is slightly bigger than the green one highlighted above! More to come on these two projects in the coming weeks and the group of committed individuals we are working with. Tue and we finalise the company structure on the community energy company. Happy New Year and thanks for following the blog

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