Electric vehicles and shedding the weight! Putting my arse on the line. (very thin seat!)

Well our Director for Wales has been bitten by the EV bug (Electric Vehicle) . Justin Albert the Director for Wales likes to practice what he preaches. He now travels the 100 or so miles in his Zoe from NT charging points to NT charging points. It can be done but does take planning, carefull driving and sometimes a little risk taking or should we say exploring the limits of the cars batteries. The car to date  has exceeded expectations.

What happens if I press that switch?

Justin Albert with his new trusty steed.

From all the previous blogs on electric vehicles we have spoken of ‘range anxiety’ and the need to lose ‘something’ in terms of weight. Well i will be testing one of the lightest electric vehicles in the country for the next year. Manufacturers are all looking for better batteries, nano technology is mentioned as well as rapid charging and more efficient electric motors. The answer to the EV conundrum is all of the above but above all of them is weight. Shift less mass and you go further and faster. I am now about to embark on a 12 month trial of a 12kg electric vehicle.

Citronex Cannodale CAAD 10. (also my logs!)

Cytronex Cannodale CAAD 10. (also my logs in the background!)

I am now the proud owner of a Cytronex electric assist bike. This is recognised as one of the lightest electric assist bikes around. But how practical? With Plas Newydd Marine source heat pump. Hafod y Llan and Craflwyn Hydro’s and Penrhyn castle within 20 miles of my home I have decided to shift into a very light electrically bike. (also should lose some of my own weight!) It will be an interesting 12 months to see how i get on with the very big hills, distance and precipitation issues (also being damp going into meetings!) . Being of a certain age and weight it will make for interesting blogging! Wonder if the bike likes lots of rain?

(awaiting a tsunami of leg pulling from colleagues!) Let he who is without sin cast…

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15 Responses to Electric vehicles and shedding the weight! Putting my arse on the line. (very thin seat!)

  1. Paul says:

    Does that mean you will have to shave your legs and change your name to Bradley to visit us in Llanerchaeron.

  2. daveelliott says:

    Good for you, well done that man… Just let them try and pull your leg, they will never be able to catch you.

  3. Adam salvin says:

    Have you actually bought it, or free trial?
    Interested in seeing in it the flesh, will see you on it at Plas on Wednesday???

  4. Stuart says:

    My cytronex powered bike is great in rain or dry – no issues at all. I’ve got between 15 to 25 miles on a battery depending on hills. Great thing about cytronex is that when it is off it behaves like a normal bike! Happy cycling…

  5. Lizzy says:

    Ooh you’ll need some serious lycra to go with that! Is N Wales ready for such a sight??

  6. Jane says:

    I hope the Lycra will be branded…

  7. Neil Lewis says:

    Good luck Keith. Looks like a lovely piece of kit. Just been on a short break to St. David’s with my C-zero. Total pleasure. 10,000 miles coming up since February. Plugged in at TYF while in the pub.

  8. tomeeagle says:

    Good on you for getting on the bike. Embrace the lycra – think function over form!

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