The power of knowledge…’fit for the future network’ goes large!


My children learning from others at Quarry Bank Mill

Nov the 5th in London and we launch the next phase in the ‘fit for the future’ work. Following the success of the National Trust’s work in reducing energy use and the developing renewable energy roll out and we are about to shift gear in terms of sharing and learning from others. The fit for the future network idea came about as a direct result of winning the 2013 Ashden gold award plus the going support that the Ashden Network give its winners.

RNLI, YHA, Welsh Gov, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, RSPB, Historic house Association and the list goes on an on. All have expressed a desire to learn from others and share what they have learnt

For example we have gained invaluable advice from the RNLI on the Plas Newydd Marine Source heat pump. We have been sharing with the YHA and are about to host a large delegation from the National Trust for Scotland… sharing makes sense. The network is aimed at what in a project would be called the client (not suppliers, consultants, developers) or ‘victim’ as we call them

Fancy taking part (sharing and learning)? see the link below

Wed at Hafod y Llan and 200 people learning, sharing and networking

 Hafod y Llan and 200 people learning, sharing and networking


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