Less is more…it is when it comes to meadow management

stripping out th ranck grasses at Penrhyn castle to get the meadow functioning

Stripping out the rank grasses at Penrhyn castle to get the meadow back to favourable condition (full of flowers!)

Following the stunning success of the meadow restoration work at Plas Newydd which has seen 3 orchids turn into 150,000 and a cornucopia of associated species. Work has now started at my office. (I mean  Penrhyn castle where Paul an I work!) Paul O’Burn and Helen Buckingham have just started coordinating the removal of tonnes and tonnes of species poor tall and rank grasses around the parkland. Contractors were in yesterday to start on breaking the nutrient enrichment cycle  in the wider park by removing the grasses which out compete the flowers and herbs. Next year and the process moves into making hay, baling at the right time and if needed introducing seed harvested from near by meadows. If its half as successful as Plas Newydd then we have something special to look forward to in a few years time.

Plas Newydd Coronation Meadow

….and my interest? I am at heart a frustrated ex countryside manager and recognise the need for intervention if we want certain habitats and I also enjoy seeing management in action and i hope the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Penrhyn will also enjoy whats being developed. Oh and there are big machines…!

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2 Responses to Less is more…it is when it comes to meadow management

  1. Mike Howe says:

    Keith it is a brilliant project and it has been a privilege for me to be a small part of it – I’m writing it up now and need a bit of your specialist input if that’s ok, I shall be in touch

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